Our philosophy


Play Discover Grow


At Staverton Kindergarten we respect and value children, families, community, environment and staff, delivering our best practice in a supportive learning environment.


We value children as unique, capable and competent individuals. We celebrate children as lifelong learners and view learning as a collaborative process between children, educators, families and learning environments.

We value the richness of play as a context for children’s learning. We reflect with children to follow interests and abilities.

We support the inclusion of all children and their families and value diversity, equality and rights of child (UN Rights of Child). We are committed to the full participation of children with additional needs.

We provide children with a safe, secure, stimulating and relaxed learning environment. We build warm and responsive relationships.

Families and community

We provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all families.

We are committed to reconciliation.

Our best practice is shaped by meaningful, respectful and supportive engagements with families and/or the community. 

We plan, work and reflect collaboratively with families and communities.

Staff, families and community work in partnership to engage with service philosophy, policies, procedures and QIP. This information is readily accessible to the kindy community and regularly revised. 

We work in collaboration with local schools and families to support transition to school.


We encourage our community to have a deep respect for the natural environment and reflect to take a sustainable view of our land, our country, our world. 

We provide a rich array of learning experiences and materials that are open ended and conducive to learning for the children of all abilities.

We acknowledge and pay respects to the traditional custodians of the land on which our building stands and we pay respect to them for their care of the land.

We also acknowledge and pay our respects to all elders both past, present and emerging


We value and staff our staff as proactive, dedicated professionals who utilise their knowledge and experience to develop, support and extend children’s learning.

To guide our pedagogy and teaching decision we draw from Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, National Quality Standards, Code of Ethics, National Law, National Regulations, early childhood theorists and QIP.
We support staff to continue to engage in professional development opportunities that support their continued growth as a professional.

Staff work alongside children, families and communities to continually seek quality improvement.
Staff engage in critical reflection to ensure best practice.

We seek to be an employer who provides a safe, supportive and rewarding work environment for our early childhood professionals.