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5 finger breathing: supporting our kids to regulate

Did you know that between 3 and 5 years old, a child experiences rapid growth in areas of the brain associated with self regulation, which makes them developmentally much more prepared to learn and use self-regulation skills.

Also, growing language skills allow children to use words in managing their thoughts and feelings and asking for help. This is the perfect time to actively teach and support skills like emotion identification, problem-solving, perspective-taking, and calm-down strategies.

Children need considerable repetition, prompting, and practice in using these new skills. Modeling of these skills is also important, as children watch adults closely to learn how they should behave.

Co-regulation includes teaching and communicating clear rules and expectations and using consistent natural or logical consequences provided firmly but calmly.

Many children respond well to breathing games and exercises. There are heaps on the internet but a favourite is 5 finger breathing.

At Kindy your child will continue to develop their self regulation skills by;

  • Recognizing a growing array of feelings in self and others

  • Identifying solutions to simple problems

  • With support, using strategies like deep breaths and self-talk to calm down

  • Focusing attention and persisting on difficult tasks for increased lengths of time Perspective-taking and early empathy.


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