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Containers for Change. An environmentally friendly way to support us!

Image: Containers for Change logo

Did you know that Staverton Kindy has a scheme registration with Containers for Change?

Containers for Change is a state-wide recycling scheme that enables charities and community groups who participate in the scheme to fundraise for their cause. Every eligible container collected is worth 10 cents, which can really add up!

So we're asking you, our community, family, friends and neighbours if you could donate to Staverton Kindy the next time you return your containers to your local Containers for Change Centre.

It's really easy to donate - our scheme registration is below:


Staverton Kindergarten

Scheme ID:


Pro tip:

The Containers for Change app is free to download and makes the search for our scheme ID easy on the go. It's as easy as scanning your scheme ID when making a return and the funds are then transferred directly to us!

Find your local Containers for Change Where to return | Containers for Change


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