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Everyone is the boss of their own bodies!

This week marks Child Protection Week 2022 will focus on how we can all keep our children safe and supported… listening to what children are telling us… listening to what families are telling us… listening what the evidence is telling us… and how to translate this knowledge into action.

Every child, in every community, needs a fair go, to be safe, supported and protected!

At Staverton we take the time this week to reaffirm our commitment to keeping all children safe and secure. As a regular part of our program throughout the year we have age appropriate discussions about keeping 'secrets', about feeling safe, recognising our own feelings and using anatomical names for body parts.

We acknowledge that child protection is not only keeping all children free from violence but also protecting their right to be loved, heard and looked after in a safe place.

I'm the boss of my own body is a fantastic song by Teeny Tiny Stevies - and shares the important message of safety.


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