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What we are about here at Staverton

Our Environment
Staverton Kindy is a well equipped and maintained centre set in a beautiful picturesque environment, with plenty of leafy shaded areas and space for the children to play and learn. It is a warm, nurturing and welcoming environment that we are very proud of.

Our Community
We are very proud of our community at Staverton Kindergarten. If anyone has something to contribute we are grateful for any involvement community members can make. Our social events as we list them on this site and in our newsletter are open for all to attend. It’s a great way to become involved prior to or after your child’s attending year or to simply stay involved between attending children. Our committee meetings are held once a month at the kindergarten and all are welcome to attend.

Our Classes
Staverton Kindy has 2 units, which together provide four kindergarten classes consisting of a maximum of 22 children in each group. All our teaching staff are highly qualified Early Childhood Educators. Each unit has one teacher and one educator and we have additional needs assistants when required to provide support to the teacher and children to further enhance the children’s early learning experience.

Affiliation and Standards

Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens:

Our affiliated Central Governing Body (CGB) is Lady Gowrie.  For further information on Lady Gowrie, please click here.

National Quality Standards:

Staverton Kindy exceeds National Quality Standards under the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. For further information on the National Quality Framework, click here.

Approved Kindergarten Program Provider:

Staverton Kindergarten is an Approved Kindergarten Program Provider (KPP) assessed by the Queensland Government, Office for Early Childhood Education and Care.  The Kindy Tick alerts and assures parents that Staverton Kindy programs are delivered by qualified teachers and meet the eligibility criteria set out by the Queensland Government.

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